Archstone Appraisal Group seeks to rejuvenate the appraisal industry and lead the way in appraiser productivity and quality.  With the ever-increasing availability of data and “rush mentality” of today’s participants, stakeholders need answers quickly.  While technology makes this possible, it is relationships with local market experts that enables the data to be correctly interpreted.  In this sense, Archstone Appraisal Group stands out from the competition. We have worked closely with real estate professionals in all 50 states and over 60 countries for a wide variety of real estate projects for the past several years. Furthermore,  we stringently vet our work prior to delivering it to our clients. We employ a team of former mortgage lenders and industry elite to read and review all of our assignments prior to delivery.  Every assignment receives a two hour (or longer) careful review to check for consistency and compliance with client requirements. When you receive an assignment from the Archstone Group you can be assured that it has been checked and rechecked in an effort to make your job easier.

Typical assignments for Archstone include: appraisals of offices, multi-family, warehouses, and retail properties of all sizes.  In addition, we handle appraisals of land as well as specialty properties including self-storage, gas station and c-stores, hospitality, carwashes and buildings for institutional use.

Service Categories

♦ single asset valuation ♦ portfolio valuation ♦ market analysis ♦ feasibility studies ♦ lease and cost analysis ♦ highest and best use analysis ♦ rent analysis ♦ eminent domain ♦ litigation support ♦insurance valuation ♦ foreclosure and bankruptcy support ♦ tax mitigation ♦