Welcome to Archstone Appraisal Group, a next-generation real estate appraisal provider.  Archstone Appraisal Group is a conglomerate of well-connected and diverse professional real estate valuers who share a common culture and mission of providing the finest quality appraisal reports with exceptional service.  At Archstone, you will find a group of people who are not just appraisers, but experts with diverse and real-life experience in investment, development, reposition, financing, international activities, and asset management. Our work is unbiased and in touch with the latest market trends.

Ashton has created a tremendous network of experienced professionals around the world. He has been an outstanding resource of knowledge for both me and my clients. Attentive to the details and always focused on producing quality information for his clients. I highly recommend him as a resource to all within the commercial real estate industry.

Jeff Tarae

It´s rare that you come across standout working people like Ashton. He expertly filled the role of leading and connecting the Valuation and Advisory services on Colliers Latin America offices, including but not limited on generating new mandates.
His ability to conduct multiple tasks and his acute skills helps to integrate teams across borders, not mentioning foreseeing market trends and his willingness on sharing thoughts, technologies and ideas.
Ashton is a true asset for any leading position and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Mony Lacerda, MRICS

Ashton has great experience in valuation advisory of commercial real estate. I have been impressed with his knowledge, background and focus on providing the best solutions for his clients. If you are in need of valuing your commercial real estate property or portfolio, Ashton should definitely be the guy you call.